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The White Quilt

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Epigraph: We still visit the University by Alex Braverman ... xiii
She Believed in Dreams 1
Yearning to Breathe Free by Bruce Harris 3
Excerpt: Between Sputnik and Gagarin by Alex Braverman 15
Chapter 1: the Case of the Lost Slippers 19
Chapter 2: the Case of Cruiser Aurora 22
Zamyatin about Himslf (Early Memories) 26

It's my Life 28
Cactus by Lia Florencia Gonzalez 30
Saturday Morning Cartoons, William Reese Hammilton 31
The Art of Andrea Castilla (Ruta Andina) 35
A Cloud Feast, MLF 42
Odes and Lamentations, MLF 43
1946 by DC Diamondopolous 44
The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy 47
Maps by Helen Moat 49
The House on the Cliff by W.J. Wintle 50
The Cap and Bells by William Butler Yeats 55
Table Mat by James Graham 66
The River by Beate Sigriddaughter 69
Standards by Wendy Howe 71
Harleck Castle by Jim Hatfield 73
The Great Synagogue of Constanta by Brandon Marlon 74
The Square Root of Love by Sergio Ortiz 75
Thread by Sarah Ann Watts 77
Treatise by Cindy King 79
Peruvian Mops by Jack William Arpad Little 67

The Art of Andrea Castilla (Ruta Andina) 35
Street Dancer Costume design by Alexandre Benois 14
Doctor­pharmacist and a second Khaldei by Boris Kustodiev 16
On the terrace in Kharkov by Zinaida Serebriakova 18
The Rostov Kremlin by Konstantin Yuon 20
Train Smoke by Edvard Munch 23
Le Coup de Vent by Theophile Steinlen 25
Portrait of the author Yevgeny Zamyatin by Boris Kustodiev 26
Girl with Flowers, Cuno Amiet 29
Colorful life by Wassily Kandinsky 44
Sunset Fires by Winslow Homer 47
Women at Their Toilet, Felix Vallotton 48
House on a Cliff, Camille Pissarro 51
Capricious by Wassily Kandinsky 55
Snow Effect with Setting Sun by Claude Monet 57
Star of the Hero, Nicholas Roerich 58
Butterfly by Albert Bierstadt 60
Skeletor by Vincent Van Gogh 61
At the Cell of Friar Lawrence, Arthur Rackham 62
Udarnitzi at the Factory Krasnaya Zaria, Pavel Filonov 64
x Ingrid Bergman

Editors for the Issue

Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick

Bill West


Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Bill West

Oonah Joslin

Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick

Maia Cavelli

Peter Gilkes

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