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The Linnet's Wings Autumn 2015

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Frontispiece Autumn by Efim Volkov ii
Prologue: The Sleep-Song of Grainne Over Dermuid—When fleeing from Fionn Mac Cumhaill By Eleanor Hull (Translated) xii
Editor´s Note x
Epigraphs, Where The Mind Is Without Fear by Rabindranath Tagore, xv

“Once, I Had a Bunch of Thyme” by Nancy Nau Sullivan 4
Fifteen Years by Jen Corrigan 8
As Our Sun Begins To Fade by Steven Storrie 14
Rain On Me by Jeffrey Miller 18
The Fountain Toti O´Brien 26
A Well Ordered Life by Fred Miller 38
Archie Fights Pike-Eye by Bill Frank Robinson 117

Story Fairy by Oonah V Joslin 49
Talc by AKeith Walters 111
Fallout by Katharine Crawford Robey 113
It’s Like That by Catherine Power Evans 115

Aroha and the Cosmic Symphony by
Shreyasi Majumdar 2
Jack After Being Up So High by Dan Plate 72

Epigraph by Oonah V Joslin 73
Vernon Watkins 1906-1967: A Bard of Bards editorial by Oonah V Joslin 75
Pillows of Sound by alisa velaj 81
Bethlehem by alisa velaj 82
Mozart Appears on a Stage by alisa velaj 82
Thanksgiving by Carla Martin-Wood 84
The Album by Nick Bowman 85
Amma’s rotis by Anna G. Raman 89
The nine-yard sari by Anna G. Raman 90
Pipes by Barry Charman 91
Auld Lang Syne a fairytale by Carla Martin Wood 92
Autobiography by James Graham 94
Dull day at the beach by Julie Hogg 96
False Detective by Patricia Walsh 98
Hand Travel by Dave Morehouse 99
Listening to Maria Callas by James Graham 100
Breaking Branches by Ronald E. Shields 101
People in rooms by Gemma Meek 104
Surface tension by Colin Will 103
Thunderstorm by Nora Brennan 102
Moving On by Eira Needham 105
The Owatonna Library by Ronald E. Shields 106
The Silver Birch at The Botanics by Maggie Mackay 107
How Facebook Helped a Girl To Get What She Wished For by Miki Byrne 108
A place by the fire by Bill West 110

César Vallejo: Poetry in Peru by Stephen Zelnick 53*Translations, by Stephen Zelnick
Alla Lejos 55
Los Heraldos Negros 56
Las personas mayores 57
El traje que vestí mañana 59
Vusco Volvvver 60
Las cuatro paredes 62
Nómina de huesos 63
Señores, Y no me digan nada 63
Altura y pelos 66
Esperanza plañe entre algodones 66
¿Qué me da? 67

A Boat, Beneath a Sunny Sky (Lewis Carroll, 1832 - 1898) 42
Epigraph: Before the Queen´s Croquet Party by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 43
Chapter 8 - The Queen's Croquet-Ground by Lewis Carroll 41
My Fancy by Lewis Carroll 48

ILLUSTRATOR*Arthur Rackham, Bio 35

Cathy Giles, bio 34
Apple 72
Leaves 83
The Boat 85
Rolling Pin 87
Reading Girl 93
The Rose 97
Where you lead 102
Autumn Berries 103

Andrea Castilla, bio 34

A woman and child in the driving seat, Mary Cassatt 3
Put his strange case before old Solomon Caw, Artist: Arthur Rackham 18
Two Boys, Egon Schiele 13
Musician in an Interior, Louis Marcoussis 17
A Transpontine Cockney Self Portrait by Arthur Rackham 33
Stein on the Danube, Seen from the South, Egon Schiele 37
The Queen turned angrily away from him and said to the Knave, 'Turn them over', Artist: Arthur Rackham 44
Fairies never say we feel happy they say we feel dancey, Artist, Arthur Rackham 47
And that is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar, Arthur Rackham 48
The Pool of Tears, Arthur Rackham 50
Fairies are all more or less in hiding until dusk, Artist, Arthur Rackham 51
They all crowded round it panting and asking, 'But who has won', Arthun Rackham 71
Creation of the World IX by Mikalojus Ciurlionis 79
Mock Turtle, Arthur Rackham 89
My Dancer, Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick (Following Rodin) 95
Geese in Flight before a Full Moon: Ohara Koson 99
Title: Two branches with leaves, Artist: Eugene Delacroix 101
Tango by Frantisek Kupka 101
The Fool of a Cloud, Marie Fitzpatrick, Watercolour Study, 102
Woman catching firefly by a stream by Utagawa Kuniyoshi 106
Fire, Giuseppe Arcimboldo 107
Woman, Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 111
Corridor in the Asylum by Vincent Van Gogh 113
Boy on the Rocks by Henri Rousseau 115

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