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Christmas 2015

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Poetry, Art and More:

Epigraph, Between the Covers by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick xv

POETRY Silver Leaf Monkey by Beate Sigriddaughter 1
Blanket by Yuxing Xia 3
The Little Christmas Tree by Bob Lazzar-Atwood 5 Merry Christmas from Lily Pond by Tom Sheehan 9 Burying the Goldfinch by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson 13
Dark Lullaby by Carla Martin-Wood 15
Dark Matter by Gregor Steele 17
The Missing Quarter-Jacks by Matt Duggan 19
On The Centenary Of The Great War by Matt Duggan 20
Winnaitch by Matt Duggan 21
Peat by Sam Prendergast 24
I light a Candle by Oonah Joslin 26
Today The Sun Splashed Van Gogh´s Palette by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick 28
Poems against Oblivion by James Graham 44
Rest by Anna G. Raman 52
Riddles by Catharine Power Evans 57
She Will Return with her Flaming Torch by Eira Needham 59
Spinsters by Emma McKervey 61
The Penrhos Branch Line by Nick Bowman 62
The Sculptor by George Steele 64
Why I Love the Wind by William Greenfield 63
New Year's Concert by Petra Vergunst 65
Epiphany by Oonah Joslin 71

A Noel by Gabriel Mistral, by Stephen Zelnick 31

In Memoriam, [RING OUT, WILD BELLS] by Alfred, Lord Tennyson 34
In The Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rossetti 36 Christmas In India by Rudyard Kipling 40
CLASSIC ART Excerpt from Nativity by John Singleton Copley 2
Boris Kustodiev, Christmas tree bargain 4
Skating from Mountain by Nikolay Bogdanov Belsky 8 Boy With a Dead Goldfinch by Vasily Tropinin 12 Girls in the garden with glass ball (Elsbeth) by Paula Modersohn-Becker 15

Title, Zoonegloed, Artist, Emily Claus 17
Station by Fernand Leger 19
Old Man with Noose by Kathe Kollwitz 21
Adagio by Tom Roberts 22
Turning the Soil by Tom Roberts 24
Winter (I) by Mikalojus Ciurlionis 26
Father Frost by Nicholas Roerich 28
The Snow Maiden by Mikhail Vrubel 29
Merry Old Santa Claus by Thomas Nast 30
Dancer with Red Stockings, Edgar Degas 33
Bells--Ivan The Great Bell by Aristarkh Lentulov 34
Tamarisk Trees in Early Sunlight, Guy Rose 40 Skating in Central Park, Currier and Ives 36 Winter Scene Extract, Currier and Ives 38
Father father by Arthur Rackham 42
Rudyard Kipling by John Collier 43
Seba by Hiroshige 53
The Lei Seller by Arman Manookian 56
Caryatic By Amedo Modigliani 58
The Mice At Work, Threading the Needle by Beatrix Potter 60
Landscape with a steam locomotive by Wassily Kandinsky 62
Draft for Mural in the Unjuried Art Show by Wassily Kandkinsky 64
The Kennebec River, Waiting for Wind and Tide by William Bradford
62 Concert Of Birds by Frans Snyders 68
Kiss the Earth by Nicholas Roerich 70

Christmas 2016

A Song for the Season  Price: $23.00

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Contributors Table of Contents
Prologue: When Allingham met Tennyson xii

The opening of ramsons by Julian Dobson
Muldaddie by Jane Fuller
The Tree, The House, The Sheep, The Book, The Hand by Oonah V Joslin
All I Want For Christmas by Judith A. Lawrence
Restless Fingers Weaving Dreams by Sherry Allyn Norman
Christmas Week by Adrian McRobb
Wrekin Yew by Jim Hatfield
Circuit by Tina Cole
The Old Man from Blackberry Hill Farm by Tom Sheehan
Blue Walls by Elizabeth Hitchcock
Rosh Hashanah 1978 by Jonathan Beale
Accidentally by Susan Tepper
The Angel in the Mirror by Robert Grossmith

A Prairie Christmas Wish by Tom Sheehan
Seeding the Moon by Ronald E. Shields
Expectations by Barry Charman
In the Air by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Beech by Jim Hatfield
Persephone Is At That Difficult Age by Kirsten Luckins
No Choice by James Graham
I Hear Someone Speaking by James G. Piatt
Paysage by Roberta Feins
The Barn at Gospel Eddie’s Pond by Tom Sheehan
The Seer by Clare McCotter

Writing to complain by Lesley Timms
Catching the Wind by Oonah V Joslin
Christmas Forest by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Santa´s Belt by Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Classic Illustrations: Charles Robinson
The Fairies (A Child's Song) William Allingham
Irish: If I knew by Anonymous
Hamlet: Lines spoken after the ghost’s exit
Christmas at Sea by Robert Louis Stevenson

SECTION FOUR:Murmurations
My Father Made Men by R.p Verlaine
Angel, Sweet Lady by Hannah Welfare
Jigsaw by Tina Cole
Composting by Julian Dobson
Laceless by Jim Hatfield
Winter Haiku Sequence by Liza McAlister Williams
Cold Cast by Clare McCotter
Starlings by Jim Hatfield
Goitside by Julian Dobson
Living by Jim Hatfield

Bergamot by Pippa Little
But Now I Must Sleep! by Margaret Kerswell
Natural History by Jonathan Beale
Things That Happen While You Watch by Tom Sheehan
Monday Morning Blues by Tina Cole
Love Charm by Roberta Feins
Epic by Bill West

LIFE AND LADDERS by Catherine Power Evans
RAMSEY by John Grey
The Beach by Jeff Price
Late night-train times by Jonathan Beale

Dreamers, Christmas 2017

A Song for the Season  Price: $21.00

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Poetry, Prose and More Fine Art
Prologue: Notes from a memorandum-book of Mr. Knickerbocker: xv
Epigraph: When Gods Ruminate by Tom Sheehan xvii

Love came down at Christmas; love all lovely, love divine
The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry 3
The Creation of Eve by Ronald E. Shields 8 Star Potential by Mike Lewis 11
A Walk on a Windy Day by MLF 13
Edwin Booth by Jan Wiezorek 17
In The Absence of Infinity by Jennifer Lothrigel 19
Current Affairs by Marie Fitzpatrick 21
Party by Alan David Pritchard 23
Winter's Last Breath by Oonah V Joslin 25
Portimão 2017 by Dolores Duggan 26

SOMETHING MORE SLEEP, sleep, beauty bright/ Dreaming in the joys of night

Interlude From An Interlude by Barry Charman 32 Listen Without Prejudice by Sergio A. Ortiz 34
The Arrival of Spring by James G. Piatt 37
Light Whispers Through the Skin of the World by James Owens 39
Imaginary Translations from the Falling World by James Owens 40
The End by Ceinwen E C Haydon 42
Pilgrimage by Robert Nisbet 44
Summer’s End by Cindy King 47
Patient Zero by Cindy King 48
xmas tree by Cindy King 49
The Great Synagogue of Constanta by Brandon Marlon 50

The hills are shadows, and they flow/From form to form, and nothing stands;
Christmas Catchup by Oonah V Joslin 55
Storied Lives by M. M. Adjarian 57
The Green Seed of Jealousy by Lesley Timms 64 O
ur Night Watchman by Lesley Timms 67
Galloway Shipwrecks by J S Fuller 69
Papa Panov's Special Christmas by Ruben Saillens Translated by Leo Tolstoy 73
Waltz in 5 Time by Daniel Timms 75
Season's Greetings 84 Judith A. Lawrence, Art, 86

The bells of waiting Advent ring,
the Tortoise stove is lit again My Dog Ate My Fleurs du Mal by Oonah Joslin 95
Skating By William Wordsworth 101
Ode For the Boy With a Smile and Guitar by Michael Seegar 104
A Mess for the Sages by Tom Sheehan 10

Judith A. Lawrence
Moving Christmas 86
Red Wheelbarrow 87
Sled Ride 88 Winter Walk 89
Urban Christmas 90
BIO 91

PHOTOSHOP Marie Lynam Fitzpatrick
Hanging the Moon, PS: MLF, 2017 xi
Birds in Flight, PS: MLF, 2017 12
Man in Flight, PS: MLF, 2017 14
Ship, MLF 2017 39

In the Grass by Arthur Hughes 2
Plaid Sweater by Grant Wood 9
Art:Starry night by Edvard Munch 10
Trishka's coat by Valentin Serov 12
Art: Edwin Booth by John Singer Sargent 16 Sketches of a Man with a Ladder, Other Figures, and a Cemetery by Vincent van Gogh, 20
Surprised Nymph by Edouard Manet 22
Chorus by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky 33
The Dragon Of Smoke Escaping From Mount Fuji, by Katsushika Hokusa 21
Woman on Ship Deck, Looking out to Sea by Maurice Prendergast 27
Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap by Pieter Brueghel the Elder 35
A Song of Springtime by John William Waterhouse 36 A flycatcher on cucumber bush by Ohara Koson 40 Joyous Woman by Ferdinand Hodler 43
My Loved Ones by Carl Larsson 45
The 12 wild ducks by Theodor Severin Kittelsen 46 Angel, I will follow you by Jacek Malczewski 50 White Bear King Valemon by Theodor Severin Kittelsen 54
Awabi Pearl Fisher by Shotei Takahash 56
Green Eye Mask, Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso 65
A Christmas Carol, Dante Gabriel Rossetti 66
The Storm, or The Shipwreck by Theodore Gericault 68
Neptun's Horses by Walter Crane 70
Music Lesson, Nikolay Bogdanov Belsky 77
Art, La Goulue and Valentin, Waltz by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 78
Large Christmas Card by Aubrey Beardsley 85
The Schoolgirl's Hymn, William Holman Hunt 94
A Hand Holding a Letter, George Romney 99
Skaters in Fredericksberg park by Paul Gauguin 100 Still Life with Guitar by Juan Gris 105

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