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Griffins and Dragons

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Poetry and Classic Art


Revenant by James Graham

Interior Spaces by Janet Reed

Guadalupe of the Cupboard by Clare McCotter

Ellipsis (The Between) by Elizabeth Hitchcock

Emigration by Wendy Howe

In The Dark by Dolores Duggan

Magnify by Lesley Timms

Twenty-Five by Robert Beveridge

HARD WINTER by Jim Hatfield

Candescent by Wendy Howe

A Trullo Speaks by Maggie Mackay

l(one)liness a leaf by Cordelia M. Hanemann

Northumberland by Harry Gallagher

Everything Under the Sun by Bob Beagrie

Grotto of Peche Merle by Roberta Feins

Pas de Deux by Cordelia M. Hanemann

My Father, Blind Too Soon by Tom Sheehan

On the night of your leaving party by Trish Delaney

Zero by RpVerlaine


Lovers In A Wood by John Atkinson Grimshaw

I Love Antitheses by Egon Schiele

Maternal Kiss by Mary Cassatt

Italian Woman Blowing A Kiss by Karl Bryullov

Illustration For The Poem 'Two Crow' By Alexander Pushkin by Ivan Bilibin

Evening Landscape With Rising Moon by Vincent van Gogh

The Mock Turtle Drew A Long Breath And Said, 'That's Very Curious' by Arthur Rackham

Two Lovers, Arles (Fragment) by Vincent van Gogh

Passage Grave In The Snow by Caspar David Friedrich

The Loving Cup by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Sleeping Girl (Girl With A Cat) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Blue Bird by Konstantin Somov

Grass by Ivan Shishkin

The Griffin by Martin Schongaue

Horse Frightened By A Storm by Eugene Delacroix

Ballet dancer Robert Henri

Reflections (Aka Canal Scene) by William Merritt Chase

Girl and Death by Edvard Munch

A Bar At The Folies-Bergere by Edouard Manet


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